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CCMS offers a range of postgraduate degrees (Honours, MA, PHD) in the Southern African region’s premier graduate research and educational unit in Culture, Communication and Media Studies. 

CCMS staff are internationally recognised scholars, and our postgraduate programmes reflect our interdisciplinary and international research culture which draws on media studies, television studies, film studies, cultural studies, history, and health communication. 
Modules offered reflect the research culture of CCMS and include: media theory; cultural studies in practice; media in the global world; South African mediascapes, social change & health communication; and research methodology for media and cultural studies.

A wide variety of teaching styles are used to support your learning such as lectures, seminars, workshops, and individual supervision. CCMS offers highly structured degrees with weekly seminars, and close supervision. Students typically work in small groups, with intensive expert support. Each student is allocated an academic advisor, thereby ensuring their success.

All of our graduate programmes prepare you for a wide range of future careers. The independent thinking, creative approach to problem solving,  and analytical and presentation skills you will develop are valuable in many job roles. Graduates typically find employment in a wide range of professions, including Non-Government or Community-Based Organisations, Film Industry, TV and Radio broadcasting, Marketing & Market Research, Journalism, and Community Development.

Application Requirements
For Honours: a ‘good’ undergraduate degree in either an Arts or Social Science discipline, with some background in the area of media, culture or communication.
For MA: at least a 60% pass rate at the Honours level in a cognate area of study.
For PHD: a ‘good’ pass at the MA level in a cognate area of study.


CCMS Alumni Talk  

Research in the Kalahari:

Shanade Barnabas, CCMS doctoral candidate 

Researching in the Kalahari since 2008, Shanade Barnabas, 28, also served as a key instructor and Afrikaans translator at centre workshops there. As an undergraduate, she thrived on familiar English Studies and Media. As a master’s student, “providential stumbling” led Barnabas to the unfamiliar: the visual. Now she welcomes the “safe space” of the nonstop Kalahari and CCMS’ weekly Research Day, both offering enough collegiality and confidence to make her “quite formidable” at recent academic conferences in Dublin and Prague. No desert ascetic, Barnabas emerged from days of solitary writing ready to connect. Though she claimed not to dance, she found herself doing just that, tugged into the frenzy at Andriesvale’s community center. Why, she asked, is the desert such an adventure?  Because “the Kalahari allows me to be me.”

School of Applied Human Sciences 

University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Howard College, Durban

Degrees Offered: Honours, Masters and PhD 

Copyright Notice

The documents located on these pages are copyrighted in terms of South African law.   They may of course be cited and quoted for bona fide academic use.  The reader will be able to determine the nature of assessment, as  published articles are reprinted here with permission; others are original unrefereed edited entries, and the remainder are theses and dissertations, all of which have been subjected to rigorous examination processes.
CCMS RewardCo Scholarship 2019

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