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African Communication Research

This page is a project of the UNESCO chair Electronic publication of the African Journal of Communication is sponsored by the UNESCO Chair in Communication, currently held by Professor Ruth E. Teer-Tomaselli, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

African Journal for Communication (ISSN 2227-7625)


is published twice a year by the East African Communication AssociationEditorial Offices, Daystar University, Nairobi, Kenya 


Manuscript submission information

Authors interested in submitting research articles may initiate with an abstract.Manuscripts should be submitted in soft copy to the Managing Editor, African Journal of Communication (

Manuscripts should be a maximum of 30 pages in length (including the abstract and all references, tables, figures, appendices and endnotes. Prepare manuscripts in strict accordance with the most recent edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 

  • Page 1 should include an abstract (maximum of 150 words) and include selected keywords (5-7 only)
  • Page 2 starts with title and main text
  • Standard type (12 point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman. 1.0 inch margins) should be used
  • References are double-spaced , wnd and subsequent lines should have hanging indent of 0.5 inch  (References  should also start on a new page)
  • Double check to make sure that all references in text are in the reference bibliography and the reference bibliography should include only references in the text.  Insure that all  references to chapters in books have the chapter pages.
  • Submit 1 main document in WORD format, not PDF files.
  • All submissions should also include brief bio data of the authors: full name, email address, academic positions, university or other institution,  main areas of research and main recent publications.  Bio data should not be more than 150 words.

Book reviews and brief book mentions

Publishers or authors who wish books to be reviewed should send to the book review editor an initial email ( and then arrange to have books sent directly to the book review editor, Wilson Ugangu, Multimedia University College, Nairobi, Kenya. 


Subscription information

Members of the East African Communication Association automatically have an annual subscription of two issues a year with membership dues of $15 for students (must show their student ID card) and $35 for all others.


The journal is published by St Augustine's University, Tanzania.

General editor:  Bernardin Mfumbusa

Coordinating Editor: Robert A.White 

All editorial and subscription queries should be directed to Bob White, editor, at

Dear Prof. White,

Congratulations! It is indeed very heartening to know that the journal, African Communication Research has been unveiled which will provide incisive understanding of the research in the area of communication and media in Africa.  Going through the contents of the initial issues, one cannot but hope that we will be able to find more affinity with the selection of issues and the trends analysed since there is lot in common between African and Asia and India in particular. We at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication have been engaged in researching and evaluating communication initiatives in the development sector since 60s. This Institute was set up with active consulation of Wilbur Schramm by the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Nehru. It will be indeed very interesting to share some of our work with you since we have lately worked on the traditional media and scope of using it to promote issues of development and also another study which focuses on if Internet is posing a threat to the press industry in India.
Best wishes,
Gita Bamezai Ph.D.
Professor and Head
Department of Communication Research
Article Title  Author
African Journal of Communication 1(1): 2013 Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 5(3): State invasion of privacy on the ICT surveillance legislation max
 African Communication Research 5(2): Media Councils in Africa  Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 5(1): Editorial Freedom and Responsibility Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 4(3): The Image of Women in African Media. Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 4(2): The State of Media Freedom in Africa Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 3(1): National Communication Policy in Africa Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 4(1): Communication and Pan-Africanism Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 3(3): Bribery and corruption in African journalism Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 3(2): Health Communication in Africa Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 2(3): Public Relations research in Africa Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 2(2): Communication for development Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 1(3): Media and Democratisation in Africa Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 1(2): Newsroom Ethics Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 1(1): Grassroots Participatory Communication Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 2(1): Media and Religion in Africa Numerous Authors
African Communication Research 6 (1): Education- Entertainment in Africa
 Numerous Authors

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