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Our Students Get Jobs!

Sep 22, 2015

The Centre for Communication, Media and Society

Honours is an intensive year that equips graduates to move into the job market and/or continue with an MA.  Parents and students are understandably interested in knowing what the opportunities are.  The document below describes just where our graduates get jobs.


The Centre for Communication, Media and Society

Howard College Campus, Durban, South Africa (


Why Study Professional Communication, Media and Cultural Industries


Postgraduate study (Honours, MA, PhD) in CCMS aims to equip graduates to easily adapt to the world of work, in a variety of sectors. From Honours, CCMS places students in real-world environments where they work with the best professionals in the industry/profession – learning the kinds of conceptual expertise, research methods and professional skills that are required in business, commerce and the civil and state sectors. This real world experience makes a graduate employable.


Our degrees are worth the paper on which they are written and our graduates can compete with the world's best. Unlike other programmes, CCMS as a dedicated graduate centre offers highly structured degrees with weekly seminars and close supervision.   Students work in small groups, with very intensive expert supervisory support. 


Our overseas students (as are those other African countries) are attracted by CCMS's world class reputation.  Such visiting students usually come from places like Norway, The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Canada, the UK, Italy, Greece,  and so on.


In the academic sector CCMS graduates (and students) are (or have been) employed as lecturers at UKZN, University of Cape Town, Rhodes, Zululand, Fort Hare, Johannesburg University, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Durban University of Technology, UNISA, Limpopo, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan, North West, and in the private sector at Varsity College, Vega School of Advertising, Boston College, Rosebank, Damelin and the AFDA Film School.  Overseas, our graduates are or have been employed at universities like Monash and Queensland (Australia), London School of Economics, Atabasca (Canada), Arizona, Towson, St Thomas (USA), Gimlekollen School of Journalism (Norway)  etc.  We have also educated lecturers from top universities all over Africa (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Eritria, Rwanda, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi and in 2014, four PhD students from Uganda will join our programme). Many are employed by research institutes, market research firms and state departments.


In the professional sector our graduates are or have been employed by UKZN (Corporate Relations, Administration, Access, and in Media and Cultural Studies on both UKZN campuses, and other disciplines like Drama, Politics, and in centres such as the Health Economics and HIV Research Division, HIV Network etc.). Caxton's Community Newspapers, Independent Newspapers, Media24, SABC, eTV, CNN, East Coast Radio, a variety of NGOs, the video industry, advertising, marketing and PR, publishing, magazines (Oprah, sports, Country LifeGet it, and so on), tourism etc, both in South Africa and overseas   Many are directly involved in South African media developments (policy, community radio, community TV, music, theatre etc.); they are employed in the NGO sector (development communication, public health communication, media etc.), and increasingly, in the cultural industries sector, state and municipal departments.  A succession of CCMS graduates have worked as editorial coordinators on academic journals likeCritical Arts and Journal of African Cinemas, published globally.


The public health communication and entertainment education sector is a key employer:  Drama in AIDS Education, Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa, UNAIDS, Centre for AIDS, Development, Research and Evaluation, Sonke Gender Justice, Dept. of Health, and well as for media production companies serving these sectors.


Our lecturers (and many of our students) have extensive professional and industry experience and have close links with all sectors of the media and cultural industries in which employment is usually sought by our graduates. Employers talk to us when wanting to employ our graduates.  They know us and trust us and take our advice seriously. That means that they trust our referred graduates also. Our graduates remain active in our alumni community after leaving the University. They feed extensive resources back to our Centre, they assist with research advising and even lecture on components within modules such as on i) social media;  ii) international communication;  and ii) corporate communication).


CCMS hosts the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organisation) Chair in Communication for South Africa.  This places us at the centre of national and global collaborations.  In 2012 CCMS hosted the prestigious International Association for Media and Communication Research Conference.  Students will have had the rare opportunity of interacting with the world’s best media and communication professors.

Amongst the outputs on which students are invited to work is our quarterly magazine, SUBtext:

SUBtext has an audited electronic circulation of 65 000+ plus 1000 in hard copy format aimed at alumni, staff, students and special interest groups globally. That's a pretty good distribution for any magazine when students are looking to establish their professional profiles.  We work with newspapers on publication of student-written stories, we place students in real world learning environments, and we track our graduates' successes.  Just check out the home page of our web site (  As one graduate told us, “The past 1.5 years have been a great learning curve for me. I ended up getting a job for Club Leisure Group doing digital/ social media marketing. Believe it or not, it was working with Subtext and me running the CCMS website that got me the work! I have since worked my way up to a manager” (Nic Kroone, CCMS Honours graduate, 2009,, 1, Oct 2011).


KG Tomaselli



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