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Yonela Vukapi 

Melba Nzimande

onela Vukapi 

Yonela Vukapi Yonela Vukapi

PhD candidate

Melba Nzimande is a PhD candidate at The Centre for Communication, Media and Society. Her research interests are within the representations of black masculinity on South African soap opera and specifically how viewers are able to draw meanings from these. The interest in this topic was piqued during her Masters study, as she wrote a dissertation entitled An ethnographic audience study of isiZulu-speaking UKZN students’ responses to constructions of male characters in Muvhango.

Her doctoral study aims to enrich the area of investigation by including more case studies as well as both the production and consumption of representations of Zulu masculinities, an area for which there is a paucity of research as most soap opera scholarship centers on women.

Beyond her university life, Melba holds over 10 years of experience in the media, marketing, communications and public relations industry within the public and private sphere.

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