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Copyright of the articles and reviews reproduced in this Project is vested in their respective authors and the Culture, Communication and Media Studies (CCMS), University of KwaZulu-Natal, and the African Media Program, Michigan State University (MSU). Readers, however, are permitted to make unrestricted use of these entries provided that FULL reference is made to the authors of the individual entries and either of the Websites from which they can be accessed. Infringements shall be considered a breach of copyright.


This Website has been the result of a number of projects undertaken by CCMS personnel over many years for the MSU African Studies Center, California Newsreel, the Film Resource Unit, and the Hannover Initiative, Germany. The prime contributors during the 1990s were Professor Keyan G Tomaselli, and Arnold Shepperson. Fulbright and Centre for Science Development (Pretoria) grants awarded to Tomaselli in 1990/1 enabled him to begin the project in 1990 in the African Studies Center at Michigan State University. Additional funds secured by the MSU Program in 1995 led to the reinstatement of the initiative on a full-time basis, coordinated by Tama Hamiltan-Wray from January 1998. Tomaselli was a visiting professor at MSU again in 1998, and incorporated reviews written by his students from his Spring 1998 Third World Cinema and Visual Anthropology classes.

The next phase started in 2005 with intercontinental links amongst CCMS, MSU and other South African archival agencies.

The project in 1990/1 was co-ordinated by Keyan G Tomaselli, Visiting Research Scholar, and Maureen Eke (Nigeria), Co-ordinator, MSU African Outreach Center. During this period evaluators included: David Bloch, Amarelle Crossley, Dr John Metzler (Americans), Dr Vincent Khapoya (a Professor of Politics from Kenya, working at Oakland University, MI), Ruth E Teer-Tomaselli, and Bob Vassen (South Africans), all of the African Studies Center. Other MSU Contributors included James Aling, a South African student in Agricultural Economics, MSU; Janet Beilstein, who had lived in Namibia. Dr Jacob Fisseha, Assistant Director, ASC, originally from Eritrea. Dr Ken Harrow, Department of English, MSU, has written extensively on African literature, African cinema and worked in Senegal. Verna Hildebrand of Family and Child Ecology, MSU, has taught in Kenya and South Africa. Dr John Hinnant, Dr Bill Derman, David Bloch, and Scott Frietzen, Department of Anthropology. Patricia McCormick, ASC/Telecommuncations. Stanley Mpofu, Education, from Zimbabwe. Salelenna Phaladi, Anthropology, from Botswana. Yvette Myrie, ASC. Anne Schneller. Yacob Semela, a South African studying Speech Therapy. Dr David Wiley, ASC Director/Sociology.

In 1998, reviewers were drawn from MSU classes taught by Tomaselli in Third World Cinema - Carmela Garritano, who was also employed by the MSU Program, Carrie Peplinski, Martin Shea and Michael Dye; and from a Visual Anthropology class - Natalie Milbrodt and Jennifer Gage. Other contributors are identified where appropriate in the articles themselves.

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