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Engraved Landscape Biesje Poort: Many Voices


Mary E. Lange, Liana Müller Jansen, Roger C. Fisher, Keyan G. Tomaselli, David Morris

Published in 2013 by Tormentoso

ISBN: 978-0-620-57982-7

141 pages. 


Engraved Landscape Biesje Poort: Many Voices tells two stories. It provides a valuable record of pre-historicand historic artifacts that would ordinarily be inaccessible to many South Africans. But more significantly it showcases new ways of doing research in a contested and fractured environment. Using a series of historic rock engravings as a springboard, the various contributors to the book- academics, communications experts, historians, architects, local Khomani residents- probe questions about the nature of heritage, about our differing cosmologies, and about our links to the land. These are inevitably subject to multiple interpretations and meanings, hence the multi-disciplinary team invited to participate in this important investigation of our heritage. –Melinda Silverman, Department of Architecture, FADA, University of Johannesburg.


Like most brilliant and eye-catching coffee table books, this compilation straddles the tantalisingly academic and the pop(ular) in anthropology… Its scholarly sections are well researched and tightly articulated. They retain this quality without being dry and overly pedagogical, and hence accessible to a lay reader who just wants to glean useful information. I foresee this book, contributing to media anthropology, receiving critical appreciation. Descendants of the ‘First People’ participate as co-authors in the research- informants and people with their experiential and ontological perspectives. As producers of new contemporary realities in postcolonial South Africa, their voices include stories and myths surrounding the engravings, presented here in their own terms. As for the site, the researchers and informants are aware of the need to protect and preserve: the engravings that are the focus of this encounter are fragile. Research paradoxically may itself result in deterioration as people move over the rocks, but, here, awareness results in research actions and methods that try to ensure care and preservation. This is a heritage that requires informed interventions and use so that posterity may continue to enjoy the benefits of a valuable archaeological wealth.- Dr. Nhamo Mhiripiri, Department of Media and Society Studies, Midlands State University.   



Foreword: Setting the Scene: what’s in a landscape?

Keyan G. Tomaselli

Reflections on Biesje Poort 2011

Belinda N. Org

Chapter 1: Past voices on the Biesje Poort rock engravings: “where, what, when and who?”

Mary E. Lange

Chapter 2: Reading the Biesje Poort landscape

Liana Müller Jansen

Chapter 3: Engaging absence of storyline, vagueness and ambiguity: towards an archaeology of rock art at Biesje Poort

David Morris

Chapter 4: The giraffe: engraved meanings

Roger C. Fisher

Chapter 5: Blurring the lines: Rethinking Indigeneity research at Biesje Poort

Lauren Dyll-Myklebust

Chapter 6: Participatory communication: a tool for social and heritage development

Miliswa Magongo

Chapter 7: Biesje Poort as a rock art resource: conservation and tourism

Shanade Barnabas

Chapter 8: An engagement with the land: translating the intangible into the spatial

Tessa Toerien and  Lizet Verwoerd


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