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Film Studies

Article Title  Author
Electronic Media in Natal Scott, Christina
Towards Affirmative Action [Part 1] [Part 2] Manhando,Susan
The Paradox of Nation-Buidling and Commercially driven Broadcasting: The Case of Lesotho Television Tau, Molikuoa
The Governance and Regulation of the South African Broadcasting Industry Written by Ngubane, Z. B.
Responsible Watchdogs? Normative Theories of the press in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Skjerdal, Terje Steinulfsson
Public Service Broadcasting and Language: An Analysis of Policy Options for South Africa Hwengwere, Munyaradzi Memory
Media Integration in Lesotho [Part 1] [Part 2] Foko, Thato
External radio broadcasting: ideology and propaganda in the discourse Kilonda, Abeli Zahabu
Corporate monopoly in the South African print media Mpofu, Bhekizulu
Consumers, markets and audiences Stenhouse, Margaret
The Politics of Discourse and the Discourse of Politics Tomaselli, Ruth Teer
The Political Economy of Broadcasting and Telecommunications reform in Namibia Hueva, William
Globalization and the Restructuring of the Post- Apartheid Media, 1994-1999 Boloka, Gibson Mashilo Simon
Communication and Counter Hegemony in Contemporary South Africa Louw, Paul Eric
Capital and culture: Distribution and exhibition in South African cinema 1896-1956 Tomaselli, Keyan
Botswana Television BTV Negotiating Control and Cultural Production in a Globalising Context Mosime, S
An Analysis of Racial Stereotyping in South African Broadcasting Corporation TV Commercials Holt, Alexander R
Militarisation, hegemony and the South African media 1976 - 1986 Tomaselli, K G & Louw P E

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