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PhD Theses
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Spectrum Management in the Global Age: Zimbabwe's Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting
Clever Chirume 
Media Independence in Ghana: The Case of the Fourth Republic
Jacob Nyarko 
 The Beautiful Game? Football, Power, Identities, and Development in Zimbabwe.  Lyton Ncube 
 A textual analysis of Abstinence, Be faithful, Condom-use Materials for HIV Prevention at University Campuses in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, 2006-2009  Irene Mmalecha Minkie Segopolo
Towards an Ubuntu framework for mainstreaming participation of South African people living with HIV (PLHIV) in social change communication for HIV prevention
 Musara Lubombo 
Processes and Participation in HIV and AIDS Communication: Using Bodymapping to Explore the Experien Eliza Melissa Govender
Heritage-making at the Wildebeest kuil Rock Art Tourism Centre, Northern Cape an exploration.pdf  Shanade Bianca Barnabas
Young Adults South Africans Motivations for Watching and their Reception of Locally-Produced Musawenkosi Wiseman Ndlovu
Youth, Media & Lifestyles: An Audience Study on Media Rene Alicia Smith
Investigating Students'Sexual Risk Behaviour, Risk and Protective Factors and Their Responses to the Given Chigaya Mutinta
'Lodge-ical' Thinking and Development Communication Lauren Dyll-Myklebust
Humour as 'Cultural Reconciliation' in South African Situation Comedy Dorothy Roome
Staging Empowerment? An Investigation into Participation and Development in HIV and AIDS Theatre... Emma Durden
Ethnography of Production Practices in Kenyan Television Entertainment Programmes: Imaging Audiences George King'ara
Working from the inside/out: Participatory popular theatre Miranda Young-Jahangeer
They have ears, but they cannot hear John-Eudes Lengwe Kunda
The Tourist Viewer, the Bushmen and the Zulu: Nhamo Anthony Mhiripiri
Between Empiricism and Intellectualism: Charles Taylor's answer to the 'Media Wars' Marc Caldwell
An Analysis of Students’ Responses to ABC & VCT Messages at Three Abraham Kiprop Mulwo
Ideology and Cultural Production in South African Cinema Keyan Tomaselli
Globalization and the Restructuring of the Post- Apartheid Media, 1994-1999 Gibson Mashilo Simon Boloka
The Political Economy of Broadcasting and Telecommunications reform in Namibia 1990-2005. William Heuva
Botswana Television BTV Negotiating Control and Cultural Production in a Globalising Context Sethunya Mosime
Explorations in Ethnicity and Social Change among Zulu-speaking San Descendents of the Drakensberg Michael Francis
Explorations in Drama, Theatre and Education Lynn Dalrymple
An Analysis of Racial Stereotyping in South African Broadcasting Corporation TV Commercials Alexander R. Holt
The Role of the News Agency in Development (Support) Communication Lebohang Lejakane
Communication and Counter Hegemony in Contemporary South Africa Paul Eric Louw
The Making of an African Public Sphere Murej O Mak'Ochieng
Ideology, hegemony and HIV/AIDS Warren Parker
The Bold and the Beautiful and Generations Michelle Tager

The Politics of Discourse and the Discourse of Politics

Ruth Teer-Tomaselli
The Politics of Discourse and the Discourse of Politics 2  
Crime and Punishment on the box: A contextual/discursive/semiotic analysis of SABC documentaries in Elaine Burelli

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