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Media Rights: Reports
Article Title  Author
IAMCR contribution on Convention on the Protection of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions Calabrese, Andrew
Zimbabwe CASEP
African Charter on Broadcasting MISA
The Platform for Communication Rights & the World Summit on the Information Society WACC
Report from the Working Group in "Freedom of Expression" Keyan Tomaselli, Ron Krabill and Dumisani Bhengu
Code of Ethics for Environmental Journalists World Congress of Environmental Journalists
Media Monitoring Programme in Zimbabwe Media Monitoring Programme
The 10th Anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration 1991 Administrator
Final Report : Ten Years On: Assessment, Challenges and Prospects Hussain, Abid
MediaChannel Links MediaChannel
Suggested Sources For New Thinking on Human Rights: from Abdullahi An-Na'im's work Administrator
Witness: Using Video and Technology to fight for Human Rights WITNESS
Communication as a Human Right in the Information Society CRIS
The Right to Communicate and the Communication of Rights Declaration of Cape Town Administrator
Media Tenor South Africa Media Tenor
New Charter on African Broadcasting and Democracy John Barker

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