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Semiotics of Apartheid: The Struggle for the Sign  Administrator
 Africa after modernity ; Alternative perspectives  Administrator 
AmaBokkebokke! National Symbols and the Cultural Tasks Beyond Apartheid  Administrator 
The impact of Christian Metz in Anglo- Saxon Cinema Studies: A personal view  Administrator 
Cybernetics, semiotics and meaning in the cinema Administrator
The Collapse of Referentials: The Artist as Design Scientist Administrator
Popularising Semiotics: Semiotics and Social Struggles Administrator
Semiotics in South Africa: Politics of representation Administrator
Politics of Representation: Semiotic Struggles in South Africa Administrator
Phaneroscopy and Indeterminacy of Translation Administrator
Semiotics in an African Context: 'Science' vs 'Priest Craft' Administrator
Africa, Semiotics, Context Administrator
Black South African Theatre - Text and Context. Administrator
Semiotics, Semiology and Film Administrator
Myth, Media and Apartheid Administrator
The Impact of Christian Metz in Anglo-Saxon Cinema Studies: A Personal View Administrator
Laura Mulvey against the grain: a critical assessment of the feminist approach to film Skjerdal, Terje Steinulfsson
Designating Structures of Resistance: Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Semiotics Shepperson, Arnold
AmaBokkebokke! National Symbols and the Cultural Task Beyond Apartheid Shepperson, Arnold
Black Churches in Soweto and the quest for a Democratic Biblical Hermeneutics Guambe, Donald Lucas
Publication List Keyan Tomaselli, Arnold Shepperson, and Ruth E. Teer-Tomaselli

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