Critical Arts, Volume 5(2), 1990

Women Represented

Critical Arts: A Journal for Media Studies

Volume 5, Issue 2, 1990

Women Represented

Editor: Professor Keyan G. Tomaselli



· Editorial

Mikki van Zyl, Tammy Shefer

Original Articles:

· Rape Mythology

Mikki van Zyl

· Feminist Theories of the Role of the Body Within Women’s Oppression

Tammy Shefer

· The Political Application of Ideologies of Femininity: The case of Marion Sparg

· Language, Myth and Disempowerment

Hilary Janks

· The Social Construction of Gender: Historically Changing Meanings of (White) Feminity and Masculinity 1910–1980

Michelle Friedman


· Mating Birds: A Novel

Anette Barkowski

· Lewis Nkosi: Mating Birds

Johan Jacobs

Supplementary Article:

· The dynamics of Ideological Politics and Tendency Towards Negative Achievement

Willem van Vuuren