Mkhonzeni Gumede

Bio Mr Gumede is a theatre and drama practitioner, specialising in applied arts and has performed plays that toured nationally and internationally. He holds a Master dregree in Social Sciences.Mr Gumede has over a decade experience from working and heading DramAidE. During this time, he acquired extensive experience in implementing HIV/AIDS communication programmes and campaigns […]

Shannon Leigh Landers

Shannon Leigh Landers is a PhD candidate in the area of mobilities and transit migration. Her area of expertise includes semiotics, cultural studies, and media theory. Recently Ms Landers has been elected as a scholar of the International Communicology Institute (ICI) in recognition of her work in semiotics. Shannon is also an elected member of […]

Daniel Norris Bekoe

Daniel Norris Bekoe

Certificate in Education (Gh.): B Ed. Hons (Gh.): MA (Communication & Media Studies). Daniel’s areas of research are Media and Development, Development Communication and Broadcast Journalism. His current research focuses on, “Investigating the Contributions of Media to Agricultural Development and Poverty Reduction in Ghana” ; A grey area of research which is yet to be […]