Shanade Bianca Barnabas

Shanade Bianca Barnabas

PhD Candidate

Shanade Bianca Barnabas

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  • BA (Hons), UKZN
  • MA, UKZN

Shanade Barnabas is a Doctoral student. Since 2008 her research has concentrated on the !Xun and Khwe San groups in the Northern Cape Province. Her initial research was on contemporary San artists and their work with a focus on identity and representation. Her doctoral research explores the dynamics in the negotiations of cultural heritage tourism at the Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Tourism Centre in South Africa’s Northern Cape. The tourism centre is situated nearby the community and the !Xun and Khwe are its hosts. The knowledge gained from research into the dynamics of cultural heritage tourism in the developing world is arguably vital for heritage preservation and sustainable tourism in those destinations. In this way the research seeks to make a difference in the everyday lives of people—particularly those continually marginalised in society.

Accredited publications in the past five years:

  • Barnabas, Shanade. 2013. “Biesje Poort as a Rock Art Resource: Conservation and Tourism”. In: Engraved landscape: Biesje Poort, Many Voices. Lange, Mary, E., Muller Jansen, Liana., Fisher, Roger C., Tomaselli, Keyan, G. and David Morris (eds). Jeffreys Bay: Tormentoso: 103–109.
  • Barnabas, Shanade. 2010. “Picking at the Paint: Viewing Contemporary Bushman Art as Art”. Visual Anthropology, Oct-Dec, 23(5): 427–442.
  • Finlay, Kate and Barnabas, Shanade. 2012. “Kom Kuier ’n Bietjie: Kalahari Dreaming with the ?Khomani San”. In: African hosts and their guests. Dynamics of cultural tourism in Africa. Van Beek, W. E. A. and A. Schmidt (eds). Oxford: James Currey: 137–152.
  • Finlay, Kate and Barnabas, Shanade. 2012. “Shifting Representations of the Bushmen”. In: Cultural Tourism, Methods and Identity: Rethinking Indigeneity. Tomaselli, K. (ed.) Brill: 71–84.
  • Lange, M.E., Magongo, M. and Barnabas, S. 2013. “Storytelling and Engravings, Past and Present: Biesje Poort, Northern Cape”. In: Deacon, J. & P. Skotnes (eds). The Courage of ||Kabbo: Conference Proceedings. Cape Town: UCT Press, 363–382.
  • McLennan-Dodd, Vanessa and Barnabas, Shanade. 2012. “Why is our voice not being heard by developers? Development as Empowerment”. In: Cultural Tourism, Methods and Identity: Rethinking Indigeneity. Tomaselli, K. (ed.) Brill: 137–146.
  • Van de Weg, Wendy and Barnabas, Shanade. 2011. “Painting our portraits: The state of contemporary San art in South Africa and its development potential, using !Xun and Khwe art as a case study”. Critical Arts, 25(2): 282–295.

Other major accomplishments

Shanade is a member of the International Golden Key Society and a recipient of previous NRF scholarships. In 2013 she was one of 16 emerging scholars awarded a travel grant by the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) for participation in their annual conference. At the conference, held in Dublin, she presented a paper and was a delegate representing the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She has been published in books on San studies and cultural heritage tourism—namely, The Courage of //Kabbo: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of Specimens of Bushman Folklor; Engraved landscape: Biesje Poort, Many Voices; African hosts and their guests. Dynamics of cultural tourism in Africa; and Cultural Tourism, Methods and Identity: Rethinking Indigeneity—and the journals Critical Arts and Visual Anthropology.

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