Critical Arts Volume 22(1), 2008


Critical Arts Volume 22(1), 2008Literature and Representation



Having it both ways: balancing market and political interests at a South African daily newspaper — Herman Wasserman and Gabriël J. Botma

Contesting authenticities: the emergence of local video production in Ghana — Carmela Garritano

Culture, nation and social cohesion: a scrutiny of revolutionary Cuba — Clive Kronenberg

New directions in !Xam studies: some of the implications of Andrew Bank’s Bushmen in a Victorian world: the remarkable story of the Bleek-Lloyd collection of Bushman folklore — Michael Wessels

Poles apart: mapping the field of arts journalism in South Africa — Gabriël J. Botma

Emerging communities, emerging media: the case of a Zimbabwean nurse in the British Big Brother show — Winston Mano and Wendy Willems

‘Cooeing to the natives’: Thomas Baines’ encounters with the Other on the North Australian Expedition,1855-1857 — Lindy Stiebel

Interchange – Book review

Sex, lies/truth and literary history. Louise Bethlehem’s Skin tight: apartheid, literary culture and its aftermath — Michael Chapman

Occasion for reflection — Louise Bethlehem



Okeke, music, myth and life: an African storyWendy lrene van de Weg


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