Durban International Film Festival


Durban International Film Festival 2016


      Title                                                                    Author                                                    
Cannes South Africa Factory

Nqobile Ndzinisa


Shanice Singh

The power of a single story

Senzi Khwela

Low budget doesn’t mean low quality

Nqobile Ndzinisa

Wavescapes: Carving Out Stories in Surf and Skate                       

Forrest Schafer

Nobody’s Died Laughing (South Africa)

Megan Lewis

Turbulences (Cameroon)

Shannon-Leigh Landers

Nobody’s Died Laughing (South Africa)

Megan Lewis

Much Loved (France, Morocco)

Shannon-Leigh Landers

Lost Tongue (South Africa)

Sakhiwo Rewu 

“A beast cannot be happy” –Political COW

Samu Mkhize

The Closing Night

Thomas Cipolla

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