Critical Arts, Volume 15(1-2), 2001Media Freedom and Human Rights


Revisiting Media and Human Rights
— Keyan Tomaselli and Miranda Young

Human Rights and the Media
— Cees Hamelink



New Forms of Strategy – No Change of Heart
— Nadine Gordimer

Twenty-One Years Later
— Nadine Gordimer



Human Rights and Citizenship in Post-Apartheid South Africa
— John Williams

A Tale of Two Paradoxes: Media Censorship in South Africa, Pre-Liberation and Post-Apartheid
— Christopher Merrett

Problematising Race for Journalists: Critical reflections on the South African Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Media Racism
— Guy Berger

Journalism Education from Africa: From Critical Pedagogical Theory to Meaning-Based Practice
— Francis Njubi

The Internet in Africa – A New Road to Developmental Opportunities or a Digital Highway leading to Nowhere?
— Arnold de Beer

Caught basion Empires: Ambivalence in Australian Films
— Greg McCarthy



African Years: The Zimbabwe Land Invasions, by Catherine Buckle
Reviewed by Bhekimpilo Sibanda.


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