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Saturday April 21st at 9h30
Bergtheil Museum, Westville, Durban

“Vetkat is a living heritage, a living “sacred site” and a rock of art;
but he also reflects art of rock. What we have is a Bushman balancing
old and new, totally guided through spirit, by God. He is a naturalist
exuding music, poetry, composition, painting, sculpting, animals,
hunting and old stories.”

Vetkat, a renowned Kalahari artist, died of natural causes on April
11th. For CCMS, Vetkat was an inspiration, an advisor on, subject of,
and host to scores of CCMS students and researchers. “Vetkat was an
individual who was able to bridge communities that often seemed to be
hopelessly divided through his artistry, musicianship and personality …
The world has lost a true renaissance man” (Matthew Durington).

For those who are able to, please bring a plate of eats. If you have any
queries, please contact Lauren on 078 1700 526 or Wendy on 074 100

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