Critical Arts


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Critical Arts: south-north cultural and media studies

Critical Arts
is a peer-reviewed academic journal publishing 6 issues a year, in the
general fields of cultural and media studies and communication. Three of
the six are reserved for general issues and single submissions. Three
are allocated to theme issues. From
its outset, Critical Arts has maintained a wide reputation of
conceptual freshness, textured writing, and experiential analysis, which
draws readers into its articles, narrative themes and its theoretical

Critical Arts encourages
articles that have the potential to influence the ways in which
disciplines represented by cultural and media studies think about
themselves. Articles that actively shape the field are most welcome. Our
niche includes critical dialogues generated within the South-North
relationship, with special reference to Africa. The Journal addresses
how people, institutions and constituencies cope within, resist and
engage this relational nexus. 

Critical Arts prides itself in publishing original and theoretically cutting edge articles.  Many
articles first published in the Journal have been subsequently
reprinted with acknowledgement elsewhere. We are proud of this
republishing record, which includes original articles first published in
Critical Arts by Nobel Laureates J. M. Coetzee and Nadine Gordimer.  Stuart
Hall, David Kerr, Ntongela Masilela, Handel Kashope Wright and Arvind
Singhal feature amongst many of our authors. Critical Arts is subscribed
to by over 13 000 university and other libraries in South Africa,
Africa, the USA and Europe via Routledge and UNISA Press.

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