Critical Arts Volume 23 (1), 2009

CRITICAL ARTS 23(1), 2009: CONTENTS  ca-23-(1)-2009-cover.gif




Thirty years of publishing — Keyan Tomaselli 


Broken strings: interdisciplinarity and /Xam oral literature — Anne Solomon

Pleasuring body parts: women and soap operas in Brazil — Lisa Brown

Corruption, tribalism and democracy: coded messages in Wambali Mkandawire’s popular songs in Malawi — Reuben Chirambo

Innocent violence: social exclusion, identity and the press in an African democracy — David Coplan

‘Against extremity’: Eben Venter’s Horrelpoot (2006) and the quest for tolerance — Phil van Schalkwyk


On the psychology of oppression: blame me on history! — Brilliant Mhlanga

Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes? [But who will guard the guards themselves?] — John Eppel

The man in flames — B. Sibanda


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