Critical Arts, Volume 3(2), 1984English Studies in Transition


Critical Arts: A Journal for Media Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 1984

English Studies in Transition

Guest Editor: Nick Visser




·         Introduction: English Studies in Transition

Nick Visser

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Visser)


·         The Critical Situation and the Situation of Criticism

Nick Visser

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Visser)


·         The Manifesto and the Fifth Column

Michael Green

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Green)


·         University and Literature in South Africa: Who Produces Symbolic Value? 

Ian Glenn

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Glenn)


·         Approaching Post-Modernism: Issues of Culture and Technology

Rob Nixon

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Nixon)


·         A critique of the Dominant Ideas in Departments of English in the English-Speaking Universities of South Africa

Michael Vaughan

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Vaughan)



·         INSIDE: Jeremy Cronin (Ravan, Johannesburg, 1983)

Keith Gottschalk

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Gottschalk)




·         Editorial Board


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