Critical Arts, Volume 5(4), 1991Education, Censorship and Democracy


Critical Arts: A Journal for Media Studies

Volume 5, Issue 4, 1991

Education, Censorship and Democracy

Editor: Professor Keyan G. Tomaselli 





·         Editor’s Introduction

Keyan Tomaselli


Original Articles:

·         Karodia’s Working Paper on Indaba’s Education Report: A Guide to Some Neglected Questions

James Moulder

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Moulder)


·         The Roles and Responsibilities of the Beneficiaries of Higher Education in sub-Saharan Africa

Geoffrey Lungwangwa

(Open access available at African e-Journals- Lungwangwa)


·         The Narrow Ground: Critical Intellectual Work on South Africa Under Apartheid

Rupert Taylor

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Taylor)


·         Power and Politics at a non-racial, ethnic University: A Study of the University of Durban-Westville

Robert Morrell

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Morrel)


·         Educational Change: The Case of the UWC Education Faculty

Owen van den Berg

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Berg)


·         Universities and the New Censorship: Mzala’s Gatsha Buthelezi: Chief with a Double Agenda

Chantelle Wyley, Christopher Merrett

(Open access available at African e-Journals-Wyley&Merrett)


·         The Unspeakable in Pursuit of the Unbeatabl: The Press, UCT and the O’Brien Affair

Eve Bertelsen

(Open access available at African e-Journals- Bertelsen)


Book Reviews:

·         Reviews

Open access available at African e-Journals:

Domesticating Psychoanalysis: A Review of Modernism

Peter Collier and Judy Davies (Reviewed by John Higgins)


Letterkunde in Krisis: ‘n Honderd Jaar Afrikaanse Letterkunde en Afrikaner-Nasionalisme

Ampie Coetzee (Reviewed by Vasu Reddy)



·         Editorial Board


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