How We Taught


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The Unit’s emphasis on intensive seminars was designed to establish a conceptual continuity between courses, and to facilitate a cross-fertilization and integration of ideas nourished by the inter-disciplinary backgrounds of both students and staff. Though students specialised in areas of their choice, they also obtained a comprehensive understanding of the connections that bind what might otherwise be incorrectly considered as autonomous disciplines or activities. Where the personalities allowed for it, seminars were student-driven and understood to be a mere conceptual route that maps through a maze of readings which needed to be done independently.

Completed essays were circulated between the students registered for that course and the supervising lecturer after discussion about possible revisions to content or style. In this way we built up a body of knowledge, much of which was published and which still informs later generations of student researchers. Thus, we were all occupied in studying together. Central to the collective nature of publication was the Unit’s word processing facility. This facility made the circulation and revision of material easy and quick to accomplish. Essay writing thus became a process rather than an object.

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