Daniel Norris Bekoe

Daniel Norris Bekoe

Lecturer, PhD Candidate

Daniel Norris Bekoe

Email Address


Office Address

Room A9, MTB Building Davies Extension

Certificate in Education (Gh.): B Ed. Hons (Gh.): MA (Communication & Media Studies).

Daniel’s areas of research are Media and Development, Development Communication and Broadcast Journalism. His current research focuses on, “Investigating the Contributions of Media to Agricultural Development and Poverty Reduction in Ghana” ; A grey area of research which is yet to be explored.

Daniel Norris Bekoe is an academic with 18 years teaching experience at various levels; Basic, Secondary, the Polytechnic, and the University. He is currently teaching in Pentecost University College, Accra Ghana.  He is also a PR practitioner, and has consulted for a number of organisations in Ghana.  In addition to teaching, Daniel is a regular panelist on a number of radio stations where he shares his views on politics, democracy and the development of Ghana and Africa as a whole. His hobbies include; reading, travelling and sightseeing.

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