Phiwe Nota

Phiwe Nota

PhD Candidate

Phiwe Nota

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MTB  Room G006a

BA (Hons) (UKZN), MA (UKZN)
Phiwe Nota is a PhD candidate at The Centre for Communication, Media and Society. She is an emerging scholar with research interests in Public Health Communications, her research interests have been specific to women and health, particularly focusing on HIV prevention technologies for women. Ms. Nota has worked on qualitative studies, these include exploring women’s preferences in HIV prevention technologies, and the development of Information, Education and Communication materials. Her Masters dissertation explored female students’ perceptions towards PrEP (microbicides) as developing HIV prevention methods for women.  As a PhD student, she intends to further explore HIV prevention technologies that promise to change the current HIV and AIDS landscape in South Africa.
Ms Nota’s research in this field, places her in a niche group of Social Change and Health Communication scholars, exploring the cultural contexts in which women make sense of HIV prevention technologies.
Certificate of excellence: For submitting the best CCMS Discipline abstract to the 4th Annual Student’s Conference of the School of Applied Human Sciences 2015.
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