Sarah Namusoga

Sara Namusoga

PhD Candidate

Sarah Namusoga

Email Address

Office Address

MTB Room A8

B Mass Communication (Hons) (Makerere), MA Journalism and Media Studies (Rhodes)

Sara’s work is aligned to a number of areas namely, new media, media policy and print journalism. Her MA thesis focussed on whether Uganda’s broadcast policy provided an enabling environment for an all-inclusive Information Society as envisaged by the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).  She is currently researching the framing of homosexuality by the Ugandan press. Sara has worked as a Hansard Editor in the Pan-African and Ugandan Parliaments, a lecturer at Makerere University’s Department of Journalism and Communication, as well as an online sub-editor. She is currently a lecturer at Uganda Christian University.

In 2012, she and a team at Uganda’s parliament produced the award-winning publication, Parliament since 1962: Our story. The book was part of the activities to mark Uganda’s independence golden jubilee and records parliament’s history.

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