Keyan Tomaselli


Distinguished Professor: UJ, Emeritus Professor, Fellow

Keyan Tomaselli

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Study Focus

Transdisciplinary, involving i) critical indigenous qualitative methodologies, as applied via his decades-long Rethinking Indigeneity project ;  ii) Media Cities, in which film services are examined as generators of local development;  and iii) critique of neoliberalism in tertiary education .   In addition, he is editor of Critical Arts:  South-North Cultural and Media Studies and co-editor of Journal of African Cinemas.  He is a member of the Academy of Science for South Africa, contributes to programmes at the AFDA Film School, has written extensively on the South African film Industry, and acted as a script consultant.

His new stomping ground in China where he has been hosted by numerous universities and academies, and conferences at which he has been a keynote speaker.

I intend, as Minister Blade Nzamande, Higher Education and Training urges productive academics, to continue doing research  at least until I am 80.   That’s quite close, or a long way off, depending on the relativity of space and time.

Degree Held

  • BA (Honours)
  • MA (Dramatic Art)
  • PhD (Wits) (1984)

PhD and MA Theses

Areas of competence and specialisation

  • Cultural and Media studies
  • Critical Indigenous research methodology
  • Development Communication

Publication List

  • Tomaselli, K.G. and Tomaselli, D.R. 2016. ‘The In-disciplining of Film Theory, Media Studies and the Disciplining of Practice’. In: Taylor, A., Antakly, C., de Mello, M.D.M. and Semerdjiev, S (eds.) The 21st Century Film, TV & Media School: Challenges, Clashes, Changes. Pp 150-181. Sofia:
  • Tomaselli, K.G. 2016. ‘Cultural studies untamed and re-imagined’, in Connell , K. and Hilton, M. (eds) CCCS: 50 years on, Rowman and Littlefield International
  • Watson, C., Barnabas, S and Tomaselli, K.G. 2016. ‘Smaller Lens, Bigger Picture: Exploring Self- generated Cellphilms in Participatory Research”. In MacEntee, K., Burkholder, C and Schwab- Cartas, J. (eds.) What’s a Cellphilm? Integrating Mobile Phone Technology into Participatory Visual Research and Activism. Sense Publishers: Rotterdam.
  • Skjerdal, T. and Tomaselli, K.G. 2015. ‘Trajectories of Communication studies development in sub- Saharan Africa’ in David. W. Park and Peter Simonson (eds.) New Histories of Communication Studies. Routledge.
  • Sathiyah, V. (registered 2016) Cultural tourism and representation strategies in the South African context: a case study of the Baleni and Fududzi cultural camps on the African Ivory Route. University of Johannesburg.
  • Sehume, J. (registered 2016) Appraising the ‘rethinking indigeneity’ project using transdisciplinarity. University of Johannesburg.
  • Bodunrin, I. (registered 2016) A decolonial interpretation of indigeneity, citizenship and identity of the !Xun and Khwe indigenous youths of South Africa. University of Johannesburg.
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