Critical Arts 26(4), 2012 General Issue


Critical Arts 26(4), 2012 General Issue

Research Articles

 Equivocators or zealots? Post-revolutionary re-imaging colonial languages, names and name change in Ireland and South Africa.

Donal P. McCracken

Showcasing South African Rock Art on Postage Stamps

 Elwyn Jenkins 

Why Do Cultural Discourse Studies? Towards a culturally conscious and critical approach to human discourses


Violence and the Cultural Logics of Pain: Representations of Sexuality in the Work of Nicholas Hlobo and Zanele Muholi

 Nomusa M. Makhubu

The Death of the Subject with a Capital ‘S’ and the Perils of Belonging: A Study of the Construction of Ethnocracy in Zimbabwe.
Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni

The repugnant appeal of the abject: cityscape and cinematic corporality in District 9.

 Adéle Nel

Tooth and Nail: Anxious Bodies in Neill Blomkamp’s District 9,.
Mocke J van Veuren

 The Harold Wolpe Lecture
Preamble, Patrick Bond

The Transition in South Africa: Choice, Fate…or Recolonisation?
 John S. Saul

 Stories That Need to be Told
Looking for Kadeer: Critiquing a prolonged search for a model used for mass persuasion in China,
Yong Zhong 

Book Reviews
The Digital Public Sphere: Challenges for Media Policy,
Albert Chibuwe

Begging to be Black,
Bhekimpilo Sibanda
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