Critical Arts, Volume 1(3), 1980


Critical Arts, Volume 1(3), 1980CA 1(3), 1980

Critical Arts: A Journal for Media Studies

Volume 1, Issue 3, 1980

Special Issue: Drama and Theatre in South Africa

Issue Editors: Professor Keyan G. Tomaselli and John van Zyl



· Preface

Patrice Pavis


· Errata

Major Articles:

· The semiotics of theatre

Patrice Pavis

· Theatre research in South Africa

Temple Hauptfleisch

· Goal oriented theatre in the winterveld

Hilary Belcher

· Critical responses to contemporary South African theatre

Ian Steadman

· The form of protest in Kenya: Drama or the novel?

David Maughan Brown

· Ritual into myth — ceremony and communication in ‘The blacks’

Loren Kruger

Conference Report:

· A critique of the mass media at the ASSA congress

Les Switzer

Book Reviews:

· Book reviews

Kieth Johnstone, Len Masterman.

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