Critical Arts, Volume 1(4), 1981


Critical Arts, Volume 1(4), 1981

CA 1(4), 1981

CRITICAL ARTS 1(4), 1981

Visual Anthropology

Critical Arts: A Journal for Media Studies

Volume 1, Issue 4, 1981

Special Issue: Visual Anthropology

Issue Editors: Professor Keyan G. Tomaselli and John van Zyl


Original Articles:

·         Seeing Through Pictures: The Anthropology of Photography

Jay Ruby

·         “‘Can You Imagine Anything More Australian?’” Bruce Beresford’s “BREAKER MORANT”

Susan Gardner

·         At the Heart of Darkness: Eichmann and “Apocalypse Now”?

Victor Nell

·         Steyn Commission 1: The Press and Total Strategy

Les Switzer


·         Conference Report Ethnographic Film Festival

John van Zyl


·         Review of Three Ethnographic Films

John van Zyl

Book Reviews:

·         Realism and the Cinema

Editor: Christopher Williams and Reviewed by Keyan G. Tomaselli


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