Critical Arts, Volume 17(1-2), 2003


Critical Arts, Volume 17(1-2), 2003Africans and the Problematic of Diasporic Identity



Whose Diaspora is This Anyway? Continental Africans Trying On and
Troubling Diasporic Identity — Handel Kashope Wright

Intellectuals in the belly of the beast: Migration, Identity and the
Politics of African Intellectuals in the North — Francis Njubi Nesbitt

Constructing Consciousness: Diasporic Remembrances and Imagining Africa in Late Modernity — Jacinta K Muteshi

Marking up the Unmarked: Hip-Hop, the Gaze and the African Body in North America — Awad Ibraham

Postcolonial Archives: VY Mudimbe’s The Right — Wend W Walters

`Regap’: Music and Identity among Young Ethiopians in Israe — Malka Shabtay

A Hapless Attempt at Swimming’: Representations of Eric Moussambani– John Nauright and Tara Magdalinski


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