Critical Arts, Volume 8(1-2), 1994


Critical Arts, Volume 8(1-2), 1994Media Education


Introduction — Jeanne Prinsloo



Debate About Media Education and Media Studies in the UK: The Sound of Silence? — Robert Ferguson

Media Education in South Africa – at the Edge — Jeanne Prinsloo

Media Education and the Training of English Teachers — Denise Newfield

Example 1: The Representation of Television in Drug of the Nation — Richard Cawker

Example 2: Soap Opera: Fiction or Fantasy? — Liz Boniface and Guy McIlroy

Representations: Towards Understanding the Selection and Construction
of Media Messages; Learning in the Multicultural Classroom — Stella

Investigating the Relationship Between Women, Media and Violence – A CAP Media Project Course — Gaby Cheninais

Draft Proposal for a Programme to Address the Challenges for Teaching
and Learning English, both in a Changing Classroom and a Changing
Country — Jeanne Prinsloo and Joan Ashworth



Radical Approach to Media Education: Media Matters in South Africa (Jeanne Prinsloo and Costas Criticos; eds) — Richard Collins

Get the Message? (E Potenza) and Get the Picture! (Peter Ranby) — John Gultig

Real-Life Geography (Di Scott; ed) — Peter Ranby

Yellow Book – A Course for Junior Primary School Teachers (Part 1) and
The Red Book – A Course for Senior Primary School Teachers (Part 1) —
Stella Hortop

Meaningful Mathematics: Mathematics in Secondary Schools (Part 1) — Diane Parker

Critical Language Awareness Series — Sue Court

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