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 Examining the Construction of [Lead] Female Characters in South African Soap Opera: A Case Study of Uzalo  Shannon Landers 
Demystifying the epidemic: Understanding educated perceptions of Zulu cultural beliefs about HIV and AIDS communication and treatment seeking options at Howard College, University of KwaZulu –Natal  Nqobile Ndzinisa
The Durban Micro-Film Industry: a value chain of the lower budget film services used in Knife Edge Nyokana, Sandisa
A Network Analysis of the Durban Film Industry Value Chain Case Study: Attack of the Indian Werewolf Naidoo, Lynette
The use of Entertainment Education in the Promotion/Awareness of HIV voluntary counselling Temitope Ogunlela
The use of social media to advance to HIV and AIDS awareness in South Africa Mariclair Smit
Billboards: An effective medium for EE? Arts for Humanity’s “Break the Silence” billboard campaign Bailee-Kate Griggs, Jenna Robinson & Tim Wohltmann
“Let’s get active”: A participatory approach to analyzing and designing billboard adverts. Watson, C; Strauss, S; Wood, K; and Kroone, N.
A Royal Flush Waugh, S; de Freitas, D; and Miljeigtig, R.
Big Sister, Big Responsibility? van de Weg, WI; and Mabunu, P.
UKZN students’ perceptions of the Traditional Healers in the documentary, Deadly Myths. Moodley, Udesha
Assessing the entertainment and education balance of 4play: Sex Tips for Girls: at Howard College Mkhize, Thandokuhle
“Be a Man”: A reception analysis of the Brothers for Life Campaign Posters. Maxwell, Tamryn
Painting the Problem: Body Mapping as a Participatory Entertainment Education Tool in Helping Youth Reddy, S; Dangor, A; and Jeena, B.
An analysis of the partnership between radio Yfm and Lovelife Ramlutchman, N; and Moodley, K.
A Song for Social Change Mthiyane, Nkululeko
Ukhozi FM: talking about HIV/AIDS in the weekday entertainment-education radio drama series Khumalo, Musi
ARROW Online van Staden, C; Clark, M; and Morgan, S.
Forum Theatre for HIV/AIDS Awareness: Investigating first year UKZN students’ perceptions of alcohol Memela, L; Nqoko, C; Mbambo, Z; and Mgugudo, P.
Hands Free: the implementation of a hand hygiene campaign on the second floor restrooms Selebalo, Matalimo
Challenges of collaborative play production on social issues: an entertainment-education project Manyozo, L and Dlamini, L.
Investigation the role of Participatory Theatre in the Awareness of HIV/AIDS: A case study of Durban Khumalo, Nothando
Pieces of Me: An Investigation into the Use of Still Images in an Entertainment-Education Context in Khan, MJ and Rasool, N
A Comparative Analysis of the Efficacy of a Once-Off Forum Theatre Intervention and Weekly Ongoing Mangenda, Hannah
An Analysis of Media Used to Diffuse Flash-Heat Treatment as an Infant Feeding Method. Dupree, Nimeka
The Soul Goal: Reception analysis among high school children of Copley, Alison and Mkhize, Mbuso
Perceived Implication Versus Received Implication Colin Dean Murphy
Generations – bridging the communication gap. Maharaj, Arthi
Who Holds the Keys to Development? Unlocking Development Communication Strategies in Umzimkhulu Tavener-Smith , Kieran
A Child’s Playground: Investigations into ARROW SA as a Dialogical Space of Learning and Development Reddy, Sertanya
HIV/AIDS Talks: An exploration of HIV/AIDS education at a children’s institution (Clouds of Hope) in Wood, Katherine
Contextualising the Role of Development Support Communicators: Soares, Luisa
Looking Beyond the Public Outcry: SAfm media training Taole, Sebolelo
Mediated Globalisation: Gay Identity and the World Wide Web Beetar, Matthew David
A Study on the Role of Context in Media Access and Usage and Its Effects for Development Policy Dockney, Jonathan
My South African-Cum-Seychellois-Cum-Heritage Ebrahim, Sana
Shooting ARROW Images: A reception analysis of ARROW SA youth’s perceptions of Palestinian youth Peters, Karen; Ebrahim, Sana & Slabaugh, Danielle
A Comparative Analysis of the Efficacy of a Once-Off Forum Theatre Intervention Mangenda, Hannah
An adaptation of DramAidE materials to be used on senior secondary Indian learners Saib, Aarif & Samuels, Simone
A Critique of Development Communication in Swaziland 1985-1991 Hlatshwayo, Vuyisile Sikelela
A Critical Examination of the Relationship between The Broadcasting Role of CCV-TV Xhakaza, Dumisani
The Visual Role of ‘The Rubicons’ as part of the reform strategy Daran, Daniel; Chetty, Ansuya; Prinsloo, Jeanne & Broomhead, Mark Allison
The Formation of CCV-TV in the Period of Transition in South Africa Jane Dudu Msomi
A Comparitive Study of Radio Metro Mkize, Marcia Zamambo
The Meaning Of The Built Form: A Semiotic Analysis of Gentrification Colin Marx
A Guy, A Camera, A Journey Reinhardt, Timothy
Community Radio as a form of Ethnic Minority Media: A Critical Analysis of Identity, Ethnic Audience Thomas Hart
Effects of community radio in the ministry of the church, The Feyissa, Rev Kebede
Cultural Construction of Sexually Transmitted Disease, The Epstein, Elaine
Testing action media and entertainment education with autistic children Nazli Jugbaran and Eliza Moodley
Audience responses to SoulBuddyz: postulations and realities. Lief Galaen
Participatory forum theatre for AIDS education Emma Durden and Dominique Nduhura
To chat or to cruise The experiences of users on the Gaysa IRC Channel on ZANET Delate, Richard
Strategies of Subversion Reynolds, Bronwyn Allan
Public Relations in Higher Education Annamarie Savio
A critique of forms of participatory development and communication Greaves, Tracy Janet Brownlee


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