Critical Arts, Volume 4(4)/5(1)


Critical Arts: A Journal for Media Studies

Volume 5, Issue 1, 1988

Education, Capital and Discourse in South Africa

Issue Editor: Richard Aitken





·         Introduction

Richard Aitken




·         Educating for the future

Wally Morrow


·         The rationale for basic education in developing countries: A critique of the ideology of reform in education

Geoffrey Lungwangwa


·         Who talks to whom about what? Reflections on some recent experiences in education in Namibia

Brian Harlech-Jones


·         The semiotics of education

Roy Williams


·         Technology, technique and society

Keyan G Tomaselli


·         Critical linguistics and the teaching of language

Hilary Janks




·         Mining South Africa’s ‘children of gold’ the rhetoric and discourse of educating the ‘gifted’

Steve Appel


·         A reply to Appel

Belle Wallace


·         Curriculum enrichment for all children with differentiation of pace, depth and breadth for those who demonstrate the need

Belle Wallace, Harvey Adams


·         A reply to Belle Wallace

Steve Appel


·         A reply to Appel’s reply

Belle Wallace


·         Education in a ‘liberated zone’: Inkatha and education in Kwazulu

Gerhard Maré


·         A reply to Maré

Oscar Dhlomo


·         Reply to Dhlomo

Gerhard Maré


·         The Indaba education proposals: Mass schooling for a divided society

Said Karodia


·         Adult basic education and other matters: what skunks behind the rose?

Mastin Prinsloo


·         Professionalising non-formal education or can I see your skunking licence?

Clive Millar


·         From under the tail of the skunk or to act or to do Foucault?

Edward French


·         The case against joint management-labour education

Alec Erwin


CA 4(4) / 5(1)